Working with Gareth

Firstly, learn everything you need to know about your strengths.

Then, how to deal with the challenge you currently face.

Finally, get the results you want and reach the next level. 

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Success Testimonials

Developing a New Tech Business 

Leading a start up required me to be aware of my strengths and weaknesses and work on those to ensure that I provide an effective leadership to the business and my colleagues. I spoke with Gareth about this and he suggested me taking a simple Strengths finder test with him, which I took. When I saw that my biggest strength is that I am great learner, this gave me new wings to fly. This unleashed my potential and removed all mental barriers in moving forward in the journey of my startup.

I strongly recommend a call with Gareth now and getting on a learning journey with him.

Vivek Jade, Founder and CEO, MyNextHire, Pune, India.

Developing Confidence and Business Growth

I first came across Gareth's profile as a coach on LinkedIn in 2019. I was quite hesitant to speak with unknown people and was not confident enough in explaining how I could help them through my service offerings. After one or two initial conversations, Gareth explained the steps to take to focus on business development, soon I progressed to use some effective techniques,  persistently working on them as Gareth had taught me. 

I am now a changed person. I have new found confidence, new knowledge of how to meet my business challenges and am receiving the rewards of consistent, disciplined effort. I am now on the right path and with a great teacher and guide, in Gareth.

Kishore Kulkarni, CoFounder, Nxtechworks, Pune, India.

 Developing Leadership and Team Performance

Gareth encourages and enables critical self reflection within individuals and teams. He meticulously plans programmes of activities to highlight strength and development needs within teams providing impetus and action plans. Gareth coaches and supports team leaders providing observation and feedback. All of this is done in a way that generates deep respect and trust between him and those he works with.

What makes his work so special though, is that Gareth can take teams to a higher level of development that I have not seen anywhere before.

FTSE 100 Leader, UK.

Trained. Qualified. Licenced.  

Strength Coaching

Globally Certified as one of the worlds' first Strength Coaches. Coached hundreds of people right across the world.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Licenced

Licenced in the world famous preference indicator. Ideal for professionals, teams and businesses who are looking to gain a greater appreciation of themselves and others.

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FIRO-B Licenced

A deeper discovery too;  ideal for understanding much more about ours' and others' behaviours.

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Conflict Management

The worlds leading tool, the Thomas Kilman Indicator identifies and help us to understand and adapt our response to conflict. 

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Being The Best You Can Be

Ten Things I Have Discovered About Strengths

Three great leadership books

A Leadership Guide

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